fuite tryggve grusvagen

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Author : Benjamin Haegel
Illustrator : Marie Boralevi

  "It was when I was teaking it easy and softly. I lazed in the woods and breathed fresh air. My splendid days moved on and as a day was ending over, a new one started very simply, more or less like I was, constant and regular. Often I thought that it could be so until the end. And why would I think differently? of course, it was not very ambitious, not even intense, there was no question of excitement or thrills, I did not play great music. I let my self go with the flow, without requesting too much from my life. I found a process. An acceptable balance. I listed my old days, one by one, like a sleeping lake, hanging at the end of a poor stream. A peaceful and stagnant water slightly disturbed sometimes by a delicate mockery."

25 May 2015 : Le choix du Libraire, France Culture
July 2015 : Le Matricule des Anges, magazine of contemporary literature
Vying for the prize of the first novel of Laval
Second prize (du métro) GONCOURT.
Vying for the prize Bourboulenc
Vying for the prize Grain de Sel