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  "On a mid-life’s morning you find yourself, dressed like the masses, rich enough not to seem poor, sufficiently talented to hide yourself and lie low; stable appearance, enough to found the room cramped where you live, and the old leather armchair where you sink into scruffy. Your mind haunted by a beautiful woman, but far too much; ephemeral success of your past life with its meals’ smell, the warmth of the furniture and the dog greeting cheerfully."

Dossier "The Tenant" (.pdf)
Photos "The Tenant" (.rar)

Stage direction : Benjamin Haegel
Actors : Eric Buron, Jérémie Chevalier, Hadas Lulu Koren
Stage manager : Fabien Megnin
Administration : Béatrice Bihler
Crédits photos : Flore Vitel

Special care : Studio de Toulouse - PACT (dispositif mutualisé Lido/Grainerie), Emergence (Besançon).
With the support : Conseil Général of Haute-Garonne, Région Midi-Pyrénées, town of Toulouse.
Help to the residence : Cap découverte (Albi).
Supports : The Pari (Tarbes), the Grainerie (Balma), the Lido (Toulouse), the Fabrique (Toulouse), the Palène (Rouillac), La Caze aux Sottises (Orthez), Mix-Art Myrys (Toulouse), Reijouna (Félines-Minervois).


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