fuite grusvagen
titre affiche

  "Skogen den är i fara. Älgarna ! mäste samlas
Skogen vill ha trygghet ; jägarna har dödat släkten
Älgar skrik tillsammans : Friheit !"

  "the forest is in danger. Moose ! come all together
the forest in under attack, the hunters kill all our moose family
shout togther : Freedom !

  "Grusvägen" 7 is 50-minute play, introducing two characters, a barber and his client , in a place called grusvagen 7. It literally means “7 route of the stones”. It is a countryside address. The Premiere was played in 2010 at the festival « Janvier dans les Etoiles », in Seyne-sur-mer.
  This show is no longer broadcasted.

Authors : Benjamin Haegel and Isak Lindberg
Casting : Benjamin Haegel and Isak Lindberg
Lighting : Johan Södenberg
Sound fragments creation : Helen Sage
Manager : Alrik Reynaud, Enzo Giordana
Stage manager : Alban Cointe
Distribution : Sophie Cosnard
Administration : Béatrice Bihler
Thanks to : Marie-Céline Daubagna, Christian Coumin

2012 : The Channel (Calais / carte blanche Stephen Saglio), Encounters Short (Bordeaux).
2011 : Castanat-Tolosan, Saarland to Conte (Rochbach-the-Bitches), tour CCAS Boudu Juggling (Toulouse) , French Institute of Lisbon, Culture and Recreation Centre Gap (Co. Conte).
2010 : The Lights (Caen), tour CCAS, Atelier du Plateau (Paris), The Limonaire (Paris / carte blanche Jur), Midi-Pyrenees makes his Circus Avignon, The 7 Hills (Saint-Etienne), Caravan Circus (Toulouse), Track Launch (Brussels), The Prism (White Villaine-la-Juhel/carte Stephen Saglio) January in the Stars (Seynes -sur-Mer), CCAS tour, theater Wind Signs (Toulouse).
2009 : The Bassecour (Lavaur), theater Simrishamn (Sweden) turned CCAS theater Parvis St Jean (Dijon), Prato (Lille), Caravans Circus (Toulouse).
2008 : Cultural Center of Gonesse, Circocircolo (Holland), CCAS tour, Theatre de la Cite Internationale JTCE La Villet.

Co-producers : CREAC (Marseille), CCAS, Wind Signs, JTCE (Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe.
Question Residence : CREAC, Mayor of Castanet-Tolosan Circus Binet (Paris), Prato (Lille), Device Area (City Paris-Parc de la Villette), AFCA (Aire-sur-Adour) Mix'Art Myrys(Toulouse).
Support : Spedidam, Midi-Pyrenees.
Special Care : studio Toulouse-PACT (Pépinière des Arts du Cirque Toulousain), dispositif mutualisé Lido - Grainerie.


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