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  Fuite is a part for five clown-acrobats putting in scene a catastrophe. The situation being new, the protagonists continue to live today like yesterday, of the identical days controls by a need for food. Fuite tells their inertia, their strange attachment which lead them to react too late.
  Creation in progress, exit envisaged autumn 2017.

Dossier "Fuite" (.pdf)

Stage direction : Benjamin Haegel
With : Eric Buron, Yan Oliveri, Jean-Marie Champagne, Nadège Rossato, Jean Couhet-Guichot
Administration : Béatrice Bihler
Production : Delphine Champagne
Credits photos : Flore Vitel


trompette1 Mais The fish Le Flamand
Le tigre Le Roi Trompette2 La famille

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